What is New in Webbit CMS?

Webbit CMS was originally developed as a calendar and event listing add-on for websites.  It has become a full fledged Content Management System (CMS) which is well suited to small business clients where the website content is only updated by a small number people. While roles can be assigned to various users in terms of what features on the website they can update, typically most users have all features enabled in their profile.

CMS-7 is the newest version which was first released in the January 2019.  It is an update of CMS-5 to take advantage of PHP Version 7 which is faster than PHP Version 5. We have also improved some aspects of the user interface for adding new pages to the webpage.

  • makes it easier to use on a wider variety of screens including Ipads,
  • possible to use with an Iphone (though not ideal for routine updating because of the small screen and touch keyboard,
  • allows the user change the layout of the templates without having to know Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),
  • allows better support for CSS to handle layout and detailing for those who do know CSS,
  • generates webpages using 'responsive design' so that they will work across a wider range of web browsers and screen sizes.

Because of the move to 'responsive design', we have been able to removed the browser detection routines which redirect people to the /MOBI/ and /FB/ versions of the pages,  This has simplified development and maintenance of the CMS software and reduced the duplication of webpages so that there is now a single copy of each page.

The websites which we manage range in size from half a dozen webpages to over 1000 pages (www.auspostalhistory.com).  

Depending upon the load on the shared hosting server, we can publish 1000 pages in just over 8 seconds (eg. www.AusPostalHistory.com hosted at HostPapa.)   Performance varies from one hosting service to another and with server load at that time of day.

Webbit-CMS includes 2 add on packages: Webbit-MOBI for smart phones and Webbit-FB to generate application pages for use with Facebook.

Samples of websites created with Webbit CMS are shown on the webpages listed below. 

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