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Affordable Web Development in
The Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area

Webbit specializes in creating and managing websites for local businesses in the Greater Toronto - Hamilton area.

We offer a variety of services including website design, specialized web based applications, hosting and site management.

We begin with a consultation to assess the client's web needs and current marketing efforts.

  • Review of existing web presence if any.
  • Review of social media presence (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube).
  • Review of existing or proposed marketing materials, photographs, multimedia

We then learn about your business goals and what makes your operation unique. From that we work on strategies which suite you business needs.

The key is to try to identify the characteristics and strengths of your company  and products so that we can present them to the best advantage over the competition.


Website Content Management Systems:
Joomla, WordPress, Webbit-CMS )

Webuild websites using several different CMS system including Joomla and WordPress depending upon which is best suited to the task.

We also provide a custom CMS system (Webbit-CMS) which may be used by the client to update their own website or we can use it to manage their website for them.  In some cases, the clients manage their own event calendars.  

Webbit CMS, Joomla and WordPress run on most Unix/Linux based servers with PHP5, MySQL5 with MySqli.

Search Engine Optimization:

Strategies for improving your webistesw search engine placement,  Identification of the keywords/ phase important to your business and competitors. 

Social Media Presence:

Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube.

Training and Support:

Where onsite training is not practical we do our training using Skype's screen sharing features. This Skype feature allows us to have a client watch our screen while we do a walk through of a website or do online training.

Alternately, we can reverse the screen share so that we can watch the person at the other end using their computer while we 'look over their shoulder'. That gives us instant access for support or training without either of us having to give up control of our computer for 'remote access'.

Check out the Webmaster's Blog

This section is becoming a FAQ for issues which I explain to clients on a regular basis.

Topics currently covered are:

Coming up soon:

  • Do I really need a MOBI website?
  • Do I really need an APP for my website?
  • What is SMS and how can I use it?
  • A Crash Course on Social Media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest).  Tips on how not to overboard.

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